Preventive Maintenance

Your home is the largest investment you’ll likely make and your heating, cooling and ventilation systems are major investments as well. So keeping these systems running as long as possible and as efficiently as possible is very important.

While Air Conditioners, Furnaces and other home systems are designed to last 10 years or more, it is very important to keep up on regular maintenance in order to keep them running efficiently and to increase their life.

But who has the time to keep up on everything that needs to be done?

That’s why AirWorks offers Comprehensive Service Agreements. With a service agreement, we will do the remembering for you.

Top Preventive Maintenance Tips YOU can do

Furnace filters are important part of your furnace.  They protect the furnace by trapping large particles of dirt and debris. They also help by cleaning the air that circulates through your house. It is important to change your furnace filter once a month for the best air results.
Over time, your hot water heater builds up sediment that can prematurely age your hot water heater. It is recommended to partially drain or flush out your hot water heater every 1-2 years to prevent a large build-up. While this is not a complicated tasks, there are safety tips when flushing out your hot water heater.
While your outside AC unit should last you 10 years or more, it is still a good idea to perform some basic maintenance and visual checks to get the most life from your unit.

What Is A Peak Performance Agreement and What Does It Cover?

A Peak Performance Agreement (PPA) is an annual service contract for all of your heating, cooling and ventilation equipment. In the fall we schedule to clean and check  furnaces, humidifiers, air filters, boilers etc. This includes cleaning any burners & flame sensors, checking wiring, controls and gas pressures, necessary adjustments of thermostats, burners & flame sensors and changing of humidifier pads & air filters. In the spring we schedule to clean and check air conditioners. This includes checking of wiring, controls, pressures, temperature, contractors and blower. Cleaning and hosing off of coils.

A Peak Performance Agreement helps:

  • Keep your heating and cooling systems running efficiently
  • Conserve energy costs
  • Minimize repairs or equipment damage due to usage or operational failure
  • Keep warranties valid

PLUS all Peak Performance Agreement customers save 10% on additional services and installation (excludes diagnostic & trip fee) and receive priority scheduling.

We offer Free Estimates, Service Agreements and
24 hour Emergency Service.