Speciality Services

AirWorks Heating and Cooling does more than furnaces and air conditioners. We have decades of experience installing, maintaining and repairing other in-home products such as:

  • Hot Water Heaters
  • Stand By Generators
  • Wine Cellar Humidity Control & Ventilation
  • Sump Pumps / Back Up Sump Pumps


  • Includes 9-Point A/C or Furnace Inspection, Adjustments and Start-Up Check
  • New Customers Only – 20 Mile Radius
  • One discount per household. Must mention when scheduling

Hot Water Heaters

Your hot water heater is always working – day and night – so you can have hot water when you want it. As one of your hardest working appliances in your home, it is important to take proper care of your hot water heater.

So when it starts to show signs of trouble or completely breaks down, AirWorks can replace your hot water heater and get your water temperature back to where you want it.

Contact us today if your water heater shows these signs of failure:

  • Are you hearing a ‘popping’ sound?
  • Do you see corrosion around the connections?
  • Frequently run out of hot water?
  • Is your water heater over 10 years old?

If your water heater is under 8 years old and working fine, let us maintain your hot water heater to help it last as long as possible.

Stand By Generators

Nowadays, your comfort and convenience depends on you having electricity. So when the power goes out, you can lose food, air conditioning, heat and hot water, plus the use of your kitchen appliances, security system and even your sump pump.

When we install a Honeywell stand by home generator, you can be assured that when the power goes out, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is protected.

Sump Pumps / Back Up Sump Pumps

Your Sump Pump is what keeps your basement from flooding.  Today’s sump pumps are efficient and long lasting so it is easy to forget about them. But this can be a costly mistake.

That’s why if you have a sump pump, you need to make sure they are in top shape and install a back-up sump pump.

A battery powered back up sump pump takes over the job of pumping water out of your sump when the power goes out or your main sump pump fails.  During storms when there is the most water in your sump pump is when your power is likely to go out.

AirWorks can give you peace of mind by installing a battery-powered back-up sump pump and can ensure your main sump pump is kept in working order.

Wine Cellar Humidity & Ventilation

AirWorks can help protect your wine collection with a Wine Cellar cooling, humidity and ventilation system.  The wine cellar units we install help control the temperature and humidity to protect your wine collection.

Traditional air conditioners and refrigeration units cool the air but also strip away the moisture that you need to maintain the integrity of the wine corks and the wine.

Let the pros at AirWorks help protect your wine collection with a wine cellar cooling unit.

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